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Well, let continue our 'journey' in learning C++ programming. This 'journey' is a continuation of the C and C++ programming Tutorial dumped at, based on the implementation specific (Windows), using Visual C++ .Net Express Edition 2005 and (some) the full version Visual Studio .Net 2005. We are still concentrating on the details of the working program examples. It is totally 'new' programming paradigm, starting with Visual C++ .Net 2002, 2003 and the 'stable' one is 2005. We will skip 2002 and 2003, just direct to 2005. There are many new keywords used in 2005 replacing the transition period, versions that used the Managed Extension of C++ (2002 and 2003).

It can be considered a stable 'version' with .Net Framework already in version newest version (previously are 1.0, 1.1, 2.0...). So if you are totally new on C++ .Net, it is recommended just start using the Visual C++ .Net 2005, forget the 2002 or 2003 crap version, you will avoid a lot of confusion and headache. In C++ .Net, we are doing managed C++, there will be automatic garbage collection, (this is nothing new, Java already did this!) there will be a framework that

  1. .Net Framework Story


  3. Early Stage of the C++ .Net


  5. Visual C++ .Net System Programming


  7. Migrating the Old Version to the New C++ .NET Version


  9. C++ .Net Class Library Review


  11. C++ .Net Variables, Types & Operators


  13. C++ .Net Formatting


  15. C++ Loops and Functions


  17. C++ Class, Object, Managed and Unmanaged Codes


  19. C++ Value and Reference Types


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hosting and managing our code (well, there are many other frameworks out there). The beginning of these tutorials concentrate more on the .Net early stages. There are transition or migration periods from C++ (native) to the C++ .Net. You will find in these tutorials that the old syntax of C++ used before the .Net (such as STL and MFC) will be called native or traditional C++. The Tutorial starts with Managed Extension for C++ implemented on the VC++ 2003. Though the old C++ .Net code still can be compiled on VC++ 2005 with the /clr:OldSyntax option, there are many tasks to be completed for full code updating/migrating. Listen to..., better start using VC++ 2005 to avoid confusion!



Most of the codes or program examples compiled using VC++ 2005 Express Edition. For the beginning part, some codes compiled using VC++ .Net 2003 in order to explain or complete the related stories. The OS used was Windows XP Pro SP 2 with 2GB RAM, Intel Pentium 4, 2.8 GHz with HyperThreading and .NET 2.0.x version. You may need high performance machine, the compiler quite pretty damn slow when compiling C++ .NET compared to C# and VB .NET...

If you want to learn Native C compiled using VC++ .NET 2005 Express Edition without /clr option set, please go to the C Lab practices hosted at







The topics have been arranged in a proper learning sequence. Browse the menus on the right sidebar. This menu is the link to the main chapter. In the main chapter page there are many topics and each topic will have their own page. In addition, each chapter and page as well may contain many parts labeled as part 1, part 2, part 3, etc. which was done for the browsing speed and performance purposes. It is 3 layers navigation: Main chapter > Content in the chapter > Real content. When you are on the page, use the top and bottom navigation to browse all the part available in that Module. Start learning and head scratching now...




  1. Install Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition


  3. Install and Use Visual C++ from Visual Studio 2005


  5. Download, install Windows Platform Software Development Kit, PSDK, SDK - Part 1


  7. Install, configure Windows Platform Software Development Kit, PSDK, SDK - Part 2


  9. Other C and C++ Compilers


  11. Build, Compile and Run C++ .NET: VC++ 2005 Express Edition


  13. Build, Compile and Run C++ .NET: VC++ 2003


  15. A complete C and C++ Programming Tutorial


  17. Site Index & A completed Project Download Page 1


  19. ReactOS - Windows OS Binary Compatible Open Source Project C & C++




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