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This is a continuation from the previous part, Dot Net Framework and the early stage of the .NET. More Managed C++ constructs will be introduced. However, all those codes based on the (old) version of the Managed Extension for C++, compiled mostly using Visual C++ .NET 2003. As mentioned before, if compiled using VC++ 2005/2008, you need to set the project option to clr:OldSyntax. In this tutorials try to appreciate on how the Managed C++ introduced, blended with the native C++ codes. You will find there are many new keywords and see how your traditional or native C++ knowledge still very useful here. These tutorials still concentrate on the Managed Extension of C++. Other topics include value type, reference types, delegate, events, strings, template based array and its classes, how to box the value type in order to be a reference type and so on. The following are topics for this chapter. So, enjoy reading the crap!!!

  1. Early Stage C++ .Net 6: The Delegates & Events, Attributes

  2. Early Stage C++ .Net 7: The Managed Interfaces

  3. Early Stage C++ .Net 8: The Managed Strings

  4. Early Stage C++ .Net 9: The Managed Arrays

  5. Early Stage C++ .Net 10: The Exceptions & Managed Code, Unmanaged Exceptions



  7. Early Stage C++ .Net 11: Implementing the .NET Types & Namespaces

  8. Early Stage C++ .Net 12: Inheritance, Exporting & Importing Types, Visibility and Member Access

  9. Early Stage C++ .Net 13: The Nested Types, Using Types from Other Languages, Casts & Conversions and Cast Operators

  10. Early Stage C++ .Net 14: The Conversion Operators, Managed Operators, Unary Operators, Binary Operators, Creating and Destroying Objects, Entry Points and Chapter Summary




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