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In C++ .NET the formatting totally different from the native C++. Here no more the %c, %d escape sequences as used in the printf(), scanf(), cin and cout instead you will find Console::WriteLine(). Can be regarded more complete functionalities by having the classes that support International or locale such as CultureInfo class. There are standard and custom numeric, date, time and string format giving you more control an appreciation. The .NET Framework provides a customizable, general-purpose formatting mechanism to convert a value into a string suitable for display. For example, a numeric value can be formatted in hexadecimal, scientific notation, or a series of digits separated into groups with a user-specified punctuation mark. Dates and times can be formatted as appropriate for a particular country, region, or culture. An enumerated constant can be formatted as its numeric value or its name. You control formatting by specifying a format string and format provider, or by using the defaults. A format string contains one or more format specifier characters that indicate how a value is to be converted. A format provider supplies additional control, replacement, and cultural information required to convert a specific type. You can override the way the .NET Framework interprets a format string by implementing the IFormattable interface, provide your own format provider by implementing the IFormatProvider interface, and perform your own formatting by implementing the ICustomFormatter interface. The .NET Framework provides a feature called composite formatting that uses one or more format strings to embed one or more formatted values in a result string. The result string can be used for further processing, displayed to the system console, or written to a stream. Browse and learn any topic that you interested below.

  1. C++ .NET Formatting 1: Intro, Format Specifiers, Numeric Format Strings, Parsing and Format Specifiers, ToString and Format Specifiers, Formatting Base Types, Format Providers, Composite Formatting, Format Item Syntax, Format Item Components, Index Component, Alignment Component, Format String , Component, Escaping Braces, Processing Order

  2. C++ .NET Formatting 2: Processing Order and Standard Numeric Format Strings

  3. C++ .NET Formatting 3: Standard Numeric Format Strings Output Examples

  4. C++ .NET Formatting 4: Custom Numeric and Date and Time Format Strings

  5. C++ .NET Formatting 5: Standard DateTime Format Strings



  7. C++ .NET Formatting 6: Custom DateTime Format Strings

  8. C++ .NET Formatting 7: Enumeration Format Strings

  9. C++ .NET Formatting 8: Customizing Format Strings, Adding Custom Format Strings for Custom Types and Adding Custom Format Strings to Existing Types

  10. C++ .NET Formatting 9: DateTimeFormatInfo Class Example

  11. C++ .NET CultureInfo Class 1: Intro, Culture Names and Identifiers

  12. C++ .NET CultureInfo Class 2: Invariant, Neutral, and Specific Cultures, Windows Locales, Control Panel Overrides, Alternate Sort Orders and Implemented Interfaces & Examples




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