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The Visual C++ Programming Tutorials: C++ Class Library Review







In this Chapter we will review the C++ .NET Framework class libraries. There are many categories of libraries arranged in the dot naming convention namespaces. For the System namespaces, we will see some of the class details, others will be a brief review. A few working program examples also included as an introduction for the full programming that will be introduced in the next Chapters. The sample codes used are the new Managed C++ .NET, compiled using Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition. Other than a brief .NET framework information, you also will learn what is Common Language Runtime (CLR), Machine Symbol Intermediate Language (MSIL), Common Type System (CTS), Common Language Specification (CLS) and other important terms found in the framework. Briefly, the class libraries that will be discussed include System, Collections, Diagnostics, Input/Output, Drawing, Forms, Net, Xml, Data and Web namespaces. Keep in mind that when the new .NET Framework version distributed, more new namespaces will be introduced and some will be deprecated. The knowledge acquired from this Chapter can also be used for other .NET languages such as C# and VB .NET. The following are the topics for this Chapter.

  1. C++ .Net Class Library 1: The Common Language Runtime (CLR), Intermediate Language (IL), The Common Type System (CTS), The Common Language Specification (CLS), The .NET Framework Class Library, Naming Conventions, Assemblies and Metadata

  2. C++ .Net Class Library 2: More on the Metadata

  3. C++ .Net Class Library 3: The .NET Framework Namespaces, Using Namespaces in C++ Programs, The System Namespace and Classes

  4. C++ .Net Class Library 4: System Interfaces, Structures, Delegates, Enumerations and Basic Types

  5. C++ .Net Class Library 5: The Floating-Point Types and Console::WriteLine Examples

  6. C++ .Net Class Library 6: More on the Console::WriteLine Examples

  7. C++ .Net Class Library 7: The Collections, Diagnostics and IO Namespaces

  8. C++ .Net Class Library 8: The Drawing, Forms, Net, Xml, Data, Web Namespaces, .NET Compact Framework and Chapter Summary




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