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Visual C++ .Net Programming Tutorials: The C++ .NET System Programming Review (VC++ 2003)








In this chapter you will be introduced to the Managed C++ seen from the system programming. All the information based on the old Managed C++ version of the .Net Framework using Visual C++ 2003 compiler. You will dig deeper in the system and learn on using the available class libraries to do the system programming. Many command line tools for .NET also shown in this part of tutorial. For the previous system programming, the Microsoft and standard C of the Win32 is dominant. In Managed C++, it is totally different because we need to interact with the .NET Framework instead directly with the Windows operating system. In this tutorial you will learn the metadata, assembly, culture, versioning, garbage collector an so on. If the time and energy permit we will try the new Managed C++ version. It is advanced programming and if you feel not so comfortable, just skip to the next tutorials because this chapter will not disturb your learning sequence. At this stage we are still not doing the real C++ .NET programming, so, don't worry. The following are topics in this chapter.

  1. C++ .Net System Programming 1: Systems Programming Review, Assemblies & Portable Executable Files

  2. C++ .Net System Programming 2: Metadata Directory & Reading Metadata

  3. C++ .Net System Programming 3: Assembly Format, Version, Culture, Assembly Strong Name, Assembly Configuration, Configuration Files & Application Settings

  4. C++ .Net System Programming 4: Diagnostic Switches, Remoting, Startup and Configuration Section Handlers

  5. C++ .Net System Programming 5: Writing to Configuration Files, Per-User Configuration Files and Versioning and Fusion

  6. C++ .Net System Programming 6: Private Assemblies, Shared Assemblies, PreJITted Assemblies and Locating Assemblies

  7. C++ .Net System Programming 7: Publisher Policy Files, Security, Code Access Security and Role-Based Security

  8. C++ .Net System Programming 8: Verifiable Code, Unmanaged .NET Services API, Enumerating Managed Processes, Getting Information About the Garbage Collector, Hosting the .NET Runtime, Initializing the Runtime and chapter Summary





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