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The Visual C++ Programming Tutorials: Visual C++ WinForm/Windows Forms, Dialog Box and Other Standard Windows GUI Controls






Chapter 21 introduced you to the world of Windows Forms and showed you how you can use the classes in the System::Windows::Forms namespace to build GUI applications. This module will looks at more features of Windows Forms. It starts by showing you how to create and use dialog boxes in GUI applications and then goes on to look at more of the controls provided by the System::Windows::Forms namespace. The exercises will try to build the Windows Explorer GUI with various controls positioned onto Windows Form. During the process developing Win Xp Windows Explorer GUI project, you will learn many more controls such as TreeView, ListView, SplitContainer and StatusStrip. The Common Dialog Box such as Font, Printing and Open File will also introduced in this tutorial. Building Windows GUI not just doing the drag and drop tasks. You will find that many times you need to do the coding manually. This tutorial should be a very good starting point for this purpose. Not just learning how to code, you need to know where to put those codes, which part of the program that can be edited, which parts are auto generated when you add objects to the Form. The following are the topics for this Chapter.

  1. C++ WinForm, Dialog Box & Controls 1: Using Dialog Boxes and Dialog Box Design

  2. C++ WinForm, Dialog Box & Controls 2: The DialogResult Property and Using Data with Dialog Boxes

  3. C++ WinForm, Dialog Box & Controls 3: Setting Tab Ordering, Using Common Dialog Boxes, More About Controls, Using the TreeView Control and Using SplitContainer (previous version
    uses Splitter)

  4. C++ WinForm, Dialog Box & Controls 4: Adding Directory Browsing



  6. C++ WinForm, Dialog Box & Controls 5: Using the ListView Control and Displaying Directory Details

  7. C++ WinForm, Dialog Box & Controls 6: ToolStripContainer Control, ToolStrip (previously known as Toolbars) and Using ToolStrip

  8. C++ WinForm, Dialog Box & Controls 7: StatusStrip, ToolStripItem Class, StatusStrip Items Collection Editor, StatusStrip Tasks Dialog Box and Using StatusStrip & Status Bars




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