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Visual C++ .Net Programming Tutorials: Visual C++ .NET System::I/O Namespace - Working with Files and Directories







This Chapter will introduce you to the System::IO namespace, which contains classes, structures, and enumerations that implement the Microsoft .NET I/O model. If you know anything about the Java I/O mechanism as implemented in the package, you’ll find it easy to start working with .NET I/O because the two have many similarities. The System::IO namespace contains all the classes which are used for binary and text I/O, as well as classes and types that provide basic file and directory   support. Binary I/O in the .NET Framework uses the BinaryReader and BinaryWriter classes, which read and write .NET primitive types in binary format. As with the TextReader and TextWriter classes, the binary I/O classes use an underlying Stream object to provide a byte stream. Both BinaryReader and BinaryWriter have a BaseStream property that gives access to the underlying Stream. You will learn to create file, read its content and write to the file. Other things such as finding file and directory, how to use command line arguments in C++ .NET also included. The following are the topics for this Chapter.

  1. C++ .NET File & Directory 1: The System::IO Namespace, Text I/O Using Readers and Writers and Using TextWriter

  2. C++ .NET File & Directory 2: Using TextReader (continue)

  3. C++ .NET File & Directory 3: The FileStream Class and Using TextReader

  4. C++ .NET File & Directory 4: Using TextReader (continue)

  5. C++ .NET File & Directory 5: Working with Files and Directories and Getting Information about Files and Directories

  6. C++ .NET File & Directory 6: Getting Information about Files and Directories (continue)

  7. C++ .NET File & Directory 7: Binary I/O, The BinaryWriter Class, The BinaryReader Class, Streams & Seek Pointers and A Very Quick Reference




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