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In this tutorial we will review the fundamental of the C++ .Net programming, learning the data types, variables and operators. Most of the contents biased to the 'native C++' because that is part of the C++ .NET 'origin'. We start declaring variables, matching the data types, assigning values and then using operators doing various type of simples operations such as mathematical, logical and relational. Other derived or user defined, aggregated types such as arrays, pointers, typedefs, enums, structures and unions also not left behind. As a 'pure' object oriented, classes and string class that normally need a separate module included as a review.

As for the operators, most are similar to the native C++ operators. So you would not face any problem if you already did the C++ programming. At the end of this tutorial, the equivalent C++ .NET (.Net Framework) types derived from the System namespace are demonstrated in the working program examples. and take note also for the C++ .NET Common Language Specification (CLS) implementation. In the class there are many methods, structures and interfaces. If you need them, please dig the documentation for the details. You will also realize that the pointers are not so emphasized in C++ .Net because in managed code it has been 'redefined' as a handle that point or hold objects on the heap, the automatic garbage collection. However we know that pointers are used intensively in the underlying .NET class library 'similar 'to Java. The following are the topics for this Chapter.

  1. Type, Variable & Operator 1: Variable Definition Declaration and Naming, Types, The Fundamental Data Types, .NET Framework Equivalents to C++ Native Types, Declaring Multiple Variables, Assigning Values to Variables and Assignment Conversions

  2. Type, Variable & Operator 2: Arrays, Pointers, References, Constants, Enumerations, Typedefs

  3. Type, Variable & Operator 3: Adding Member Variables to Classes

  4. Type, Variable & Operator 4: The String Class, Operators and Expressions, Assignment Operators, Arithmetic Operators, Relational and Logical Operators, Bitwise Operators, The Ternary Operator, The sizeof Operator, Type Casting, Operator Precedence and Associativity

  5. Type, Variable & Operator 5: Derived Types, C++ Classes, C++ Structures, C++ Unions, Defining Class Types, Overview of C++ Classes, Class Names, Class Members, Member Functions and Static Data Members

  6. Type, Variable & Operator 6: Unions, Declaring a Union, Using a Union and C++ Bit Fields

  7. Type, Variable & Operator 7: Nested Class Declarations, friend, Type Names in Class Scope, Integer Limits and Floating Limits

  8. Type, Variable & Operator 8: C++ .NET Types Program Examples

  9. Type, Variable & Operator 9: C++ .NET Types Program Examples

  10. Type, Variable & Operator 10: More C++ .NET Types Program Examples




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