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Visual C++ .Net Programming Tutorials: Visual C++ .NET Simple Drawing and Printing







Chapters 21 and 22 introduced you to the world of Windows Forms and showed you how to use the classes in the System::Windows::Forms namespace to build GUI applications. This module introduces the drawing mechanisms that underlie all the Windows Forms functionality. You’re going to learn how to draw on forms, how to display images, and how to print. The Microsoft .NET subsystem that handles graphical output is called GDI+. Graphical Device Interface (GDI). It remained much the same through the  versions of Windows that followed, but it has been greatly improved for the .NET Framework, hence the addition of the plus sign (+) to the name. GDI+ provides a library of classes for performing simple two-dimensional graphics, such as drawing lines and simple shapes, displaying text and bitmaps, and printing. Although GDI+ is much improved compared to the original GDI, it’s still essentially a simple two-dimensional graphics library, with no advanced features such as animation or three-dimensional effects. The System::Drawing::Printing namespace contains the classes that implement the printing functionality within GDI+. Printing isn’t particularly hard, but it can be a rather involved process because of the number of classes involved. The first class you’ll meet when printing is PrintDocument. A PrintDocument object represents your link with a printer and can be used for more than one print job. PrintDocument has four main properties – DefaultPageSettings, DocumentName, PrintController and PrinterSettings. The following are the topics in this Chapter.

  1. C++ .NET Drawing & Printing 1: Graphics with GDI+, The System::Drawing Namespaces, The Graphics Class, Creating Graphics Objects, Drawing Objects, Pen Objects, Brush Objects, Standard Pens and Brushes, Drawing Operations

  2. C++ .NET Drawing & Printing 2: The Paint Events

  3. C++ .NET Drawing & Printing 3: More Paint Events

  4. C++ .NET Drawing & Printing 4: Using Color and Fonts

  5. C++ .NET Drawing & Printing 5: Handling Images and Printing

  6. C++ .NET Drawing & Printing 6: More on Printing, System.Drawing.Printing Namespace and A Very Quick Reference




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