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The C++ Programming Tutorials: Visual C++ Windows Forms and Controls







Windows Forms is a powerful feature of the Microsoft Windows .NET Framework that provides a set of classes for building Graphical User Interface (GUI or UI) applications across the .NET languages. In contrast to most other GUI libraries, Windows Forms can be used from any .NET language, and you can now easily build mixed-language graphical applications. Windows Forms is a large and complex subject, encapsulating the whole of writing GUI applications. The subject is worth a book in its own right, so the following two tutorials can only scratch the surface to give you a taste of how Windows Forms operates and how you can use it to write GUI applications. If you've ever programmed in Microsoft Visual Basic, the idea behind Windows Forms will be familiar to you. In fact, for the .NET Framework, Microsoft has taken the Visual Basic GUI programming model, complete with forms, controls, and properties, and generalized it so that it can be used from any .NET language.

A Windows Forms application consists of one or more windows called forms. These might be top-level windows, child windows, or dialog boxes, and an application might support many different forms. You place controls, such as buttons and list boxes, onto a form to build the GUI for your program. The following are the topics for this Chapter.

  1. C++ .NET Windows Forms & Controls 1: Windows Forms Applications, Windows Forms and Designers, Windows Forms vs. MFC, A Word About ATL, The System::Windows::Forms Namespace, Creating and Using Forms and Creating a Simple Form

  2. C++ .NET Windows Forms & Controls 2: What is a Message Loop?, Using Form Properties and Form Relationships

  3. C++ .NET Windows Forms & Controls 3: Placing Controls on the Form and Handling Events

  4. C++ .NET Windows Forms & Controls 4: Using Controls, Controls and Events, Label and Button

  5. C++ .NET Windows Forms & Controls 5: CheckBox and RadioButton, Using Radio Buttons as a Group, a GroupBox, ListBox and ComboBox

  6. C++ .NET Windows Forms & Controls 6: TextBox, Using Menus, Menu Design, More About Menus, Displaying a Context Menu and Very Quick Reference




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